Reigate Hill, Surrey, UK

A bank holiday calls for a walk, and when the weather report shows a slight chance of sun I look for one with a view. Cue a walk covering the North Downs Way. Parking at the Margery car park, the beginning of the walk crossed the *cough cough* very picturesque and serene M25 but it brought us straight out on to the North Downs Way … Continue reading Reigate Hill, Surrey, UK

Clearwater, BC

To break the journey from Vancouver to the National Parks we stopped for a couple of nights in Clearwater – it’s a bit under 3 hours from the entrance to Jasper National Park. Whilst there, we joined Interior Whitewater for a fantastic day’s rafting down the Clearwater River. I was slightly (very ) skeptical about rafting in 18 degrees (centigrade) as I though it would … Continue reading Clearwater, BC

Vancouver Island, BC

First stop; Victoria, the capital of Vancouver Island. And the first stop of Prince William and Kate’s recent trip to Canada with their children George and Charlotte.  A great place for wandering around the harbour, mooching around the street stalls and taking in the surrounding landscape.  There was a fantastic takeout shack serving freshly made seafood meals – the perpetual queue a clear indication of … Continue reading Vancouver Island, BC