Reigate Hill, Surrey, UK

A bank holiday calls for a walk, and when the weather report shows a slight chance of sun I look for one with a view.

Cue a walk covering the North Downs Way. Parking at the Margery car park, the beginning of the walk crossed the *cough cough* very picturesque and serene M25 but it brought us straight out on to the North Downs Way with a stunning view from Colley Hill over Reigate and Dorking (see pic). We continued along and past an old bunker and fort, built in the 1890s, and around Gatton Park where the bluebells lay a beautiful carpet and we got some more good views. The walk then took us along a secret path between some houses (big, good for nosing through fence type houses!), bringing us up just along the road from the Vine Inn pub. A great find for some some lunch – a range of food from paninis to pie to fish and chips and an omelette, good service and yummy! – to fuel us for the hike back up Reigate Hill to the North Downs Way.

Here is the link to the walk, which could be slightly longer than we did if you wanted. The homepage to the website also provides loads more walks around Surrey, which we’ll be sure to check out soon!


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