Clearwater, BC

To break the journey from Vancouver to the National Parks we stopped for a couple of nights in Clearwater – it’s a bit under 3 hours from the entrance to Jasper National Park.

Whilst there, we joined Interior Whitewater for a fantastic day’s rafting down the Clearwater River. I was slightly (very ) skeptical about rafting in 18 degrees (centigrade) as I though it would be freezing. Doug did a great persuasion job, and we went. All qualms were silly – we had wetsuits, fleeces (they even brought us extra fleeces at lunchtime in case we wanted to change), life jackets, helmets, trainers… snug as a bug! We hiked to a waterfall, saw two families of black bears within 100m, saw loads (I’m not joking) of Eagles – Bald and Golden – had a delicious lunch, rafted through great rapids, swum and jumped and generally had great fun. This company knows how to organise fun times, safely, and in colder temperatures than we thought it possible to enjoy being on (and in) water. A brilliant day with experienced, and great fun, guides!

In the evening we ate at the Hop n Hog. A family run restaurant specialising in, well you can probably guess, pork and beer. A delicious meal – so much so we went there twice. We would recommend the sharing board so that you can try the pork cooked every way, oh and the cornbread. What fabulous cornbread!

We stayed at The Lakehouse in Clearwater. A lovely b and b with a beautiful en-suite with a terrace leading out to Lake Clearwater (which is swimmable!?). The cooked part of breakfast was different each morning ranging from stacked omelettes to scrambled eggs, and accompanied homemade granola, yogurt and plenty of fresh fruit.

What we packed: our North Face fleeces.


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